15th Anniversary of CUT

The Collectif Urgence Toxida celebrates its 15 years of actions in harm reduction
with people who use drugs.

It was on October 17, 2007 that the Collectif Urgence Toxida was officially registered as a non-governmental organization, it was the very first organization to implement harm reduction in Africa! However, the CUT adventure had already begun. However, the CUT adventure had already started unofficially in 2005 in Baie du Tombeau thanks to a small team of pioneers. After having to notice an increase in HIV infection among people who use drugs, these forward-thinking activists began distributing clean needles to drug users.

To mark these 15 years of existence, the Collectif Urgence Toxida proposes several activities mainly online, to be discovered from October 14 on social networks, including :

  • A video with the activists who have largely contributed to the sustainability and
    of the association, in which Danny Philippe, Kunal Naïk, Nathalie Rose
    Joelle Rabot, Mélanie Rabot, and Mika Ramsamy bring their views on the 15 years of the association, online from October 17.
  • A series of portraits of the current team, which highlights the commitment of field workers, peers and field workers, peers and the administrative team, online from October 18.
  • The long-awaited launch of the documentary “UNLEARNED” on Youtube. As a reminder, this 5-episode documentary, based on research on the quality of life and well-being follows the journey of 11 Mauritians from priority populations. The first episode “Kondisionman” will be launched on Friday, October 14 at 8pm on a channel specially created for the occasion. A contest to win “UNLEARNED” t-shirts will also be offered on the Collective’s Facebook page. The other episodes will be broadcasted a few days apart, always at the same time:

o Episode 2 – Kalite lavi – October 18
o Episode 3 – Intersektionalite – October 21st
o Episode 4 – Lexkilzion – October 25th
o Episode 5 – Ki pou fer? – October 28

  • The launch of the new logo with a symbol representing harm reduction, an often misunderstood mission that is often misunderstood and consists of a set of strategies and actions that people who use drugs to protect their health through the needle exchange syringe exchange program or condom distribution for example. It is also the accompaniment to methadone treatment or awareness campaigns for a society with less discrimination.

The last activity, in person, is being prepared, it is the day ” Montre to talan “.to showcase the artistic, creative, and sports talents of the beneficiaries and people who use drugs. A call has been launched on the networks and in the field, the place and date of this and the date of this event to support and value the abilities of people who use drugs will be communicated later. The Collectif Urgence Toxida is also looking for a location and sponsors for this event.

In 15 years, there have been advances and changes for people who use drugs, but there is still a long way to go to achieve adequate care and better societal inclusion of people who use drugs. Shatyam Issur, the current manager, says: “After 15 years of existence, we still have a lot to do to improve the quality of life and well-being of our beneficiaries and also in advocating for a change in repressive laws. Our hope and motivation are that during these 15 years, a real movement of committed and passionate people has worked to create a more inclusive society for the communities we work with. Based on the evidence that a drug-free society is a utopia, it is up to each and every Mauritian citizen to show kindness and support to all and support all people suffering from addictions. To better understand what these people need, the Collectif Urgence Toxida, invites you to watch and share “UNLEARNED”, the documentary that relearns how to live together.

For more information and interviews, contact
Gaelle Bernard
Communications and Events Manager at CUT
SSR Avenue, Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius
Tel : 59741290
Email : [email protected]

Founded in 2007, Collectif Urgence Toxida is the first organization in the African region to implement a harm reduction program.


Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Avenue,
Quatre Bornes, 72211, Mauritius


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