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August 6, 2019August 9, 2019
Support don’t Punish, 2019


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For the global day of action 2019, CUT organized community focused training across the island. A High level meeting was also held were representatives of political parties discussed about their electoral manifesto on drug policies for the upcoming elections.

Support. Don’t Punish! is an international grassroots-centred initiative in support of harm reduction and drug policies that prioritise public health and human rights. The campaign held on or around the 26th of June advocates for a policy reform where harm reduction is included on the political agenda of policy makers. The campaign also raises awareness on same aspects among the media and the public.

26th June marks the United Nations International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Historically, this date has been used by governments to showcase “progress” in drug control in highly punitive and regressive terms. Thus, The SDP! Campaign seeks to reclaim and shift that day’s narrative where every year, an increasing number of activists all over the world join this unique and multifaceted show of force for harm reduction and drug policy reform. As of 2019, thousands of people from over 240 cities all over the world, united in for a global solidarity to end the so called “war on drugs.”
CUT, leading NGO in the Field of Harm reduction in Mauritius did not left this opportunity behind. Diverse and beautiful actions were organised by the NGO.

CUT kicked started the SDP! Campaign with community trainings among people who inject drugs.

Held during the week before the 26th, the community trainings targeted areas at Tranquebar, Baie Du Tombeau and Mahebourg. The objectives of such was to give maximum information to people who inject drugs and at the same time ensure that they themselves become ambassadors thereby sharing the information received with their peers and close ones.There were 3 key themes treated during these training sessions, namely; hepatitis (Emphasis being on hepatitis C), safe injecting practices and overdose management.

Held in line with the SDP! Campaign on the 3rd of July 2019 at PALMS Hotel Quatre Bornes, the High-level meeting themed “Let’s Talk About Drugs & Drug Policies” gathered almost all political parties of Mauritius, to talk about their electoral manifesto on drugs in the context of the upcoming general elections.

Members of CUT and PILS, started the event with a brief presentation elaborating the importance of Harm reduction in Mauritius and ended with all present political representatives explaining the stand their party have on drugs and drugs policies.

More details on the document below:
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